Thursday, December 13, 2007

Khadija (RA) Mother of the Faithful

Khadija (RA) who was the first wife of the Prophet (SAW), was a wealthy and successful business women. She was a woman of dignity and was very steadfast In her belief as a Muslim. She gave her wealth to the needy without thinking to keep any for herself and practiced the religion alongside the beloved Prophet (SAW). She is an example for every women as she had sacrificed a lot for her husband, was obedient, and was a devoted wife and was the first women to accept Islam. Khadija (RA) displayed generosity and great dignity as a woman and is the ideal role model for any woman in Islam.


nazukdil said...

she was a great woman.

Fawziyya said...

khadija(RA) was a great women n she was also known to be one of the first women to accept islam. She is a rolemodel for women of all ages

Maimoona Ansari said...

she was a great women who knew that the prophet was always on the right path, and was a very supportive wife as well